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Active Surveillance Redefined

Uniquely designed for men with early-stage prostate cancer undergoing active surveillance. Traditional active surveillance is a passive process for patients- they are subject to regular monitoring without actively participating in their health management. Often, this waiting can be fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. This program transforms that experience, turning men from passive observers into a proactive leaders of their health.

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Prostate Wellth

Our Approach

Rooted in our Blue Wellth Longevity approach, this program is about action. It focuses on evidence-based interventions that are not only crucial to prostate heath but also overall health and well-being, contributing to a longer, healthier life. These integrative strategies have been shown to slow or potentially reverse prostate cancer progression, delaying or preventing the need for more invasive treatments and their associated side effects. Precision medicine is further enhanced with advanced diagnostics including genomic classifiers and artificial intelligence.

“Wellth in Active Surveilance” transforms a period of uncertainty into a proactive phase of health development and personal growth. This program is empowers men to take control of their prostate cancer journey. By delaying or preventing cancer progression, men can enrich their years with quality and health, making every moment count in their journey of wellness.

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